Time flies and your memory perception can get distorted.  Things that I thought happened “a few” months ago actually occurred a year or two ago.  The same thing is true about your company’s technology.  It’s easier to notice when you need to refresh your server, workstation or laptop because the software requires faster processing and more memory.  You see things begin to bog down.

When it comes to security appliances the manufacturer’s software is written to work within the parameters of the hardware technology available at the time of its production.  As you know, “technology time” flies even faster than any other kind of time.  If your security appliance is 3 years or older, it’s likely not providing as much protection as you need.

Vast improvements in hardware, including processing power and memory have accommodated a robust new generation of security appliances enabling features like gateway anti-malware, intrusion prevention and application control.  These features protect your network by adding a layer of defense to stop malware before it gets to your network and enabling you to identify and throttle or block unauthorized, unproductive and non-work-related appliances and websites such as Facebook® or YouTube®.

How many cell phones have you been through in the last 3 years?  What about Servers, desktops and laptops?  Maybe it’s time to think about your security appliance.

Call us if you need help evaluating your current security appliance.  We can advise you on whether it’s up to today’s protection capabilities.

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