"By leveraging Online's talents, I haven't had to add permanent IT staff. All things considered, I calculate we've saved the airline over $750,000 over five years. Even though airlines require special security needs, I find that outsourcing our network security to the responsive and knowledgeable security engineers at Online helps me sleep well at night."
-Yudesh Gosine, GoSilver Airways

"Online gives more than expected and frequently assists with issues with other vendors, like BellSouth. They keep things running smoothly and they're always there for me when I need them. I feel confident that my network is secure because I know they're on the job. They've consistently provided quality work for us over the years - so well, in fact, I haven't even looked at another company."
- Richard Albaum, NuVision Management

"The thing I like about Online is they're always there when I need them, but when I don't need them I feel secure, that everything is working the way it should and I don't have to worry about an attack. They create a worry-free environment. I would recommend them to anyone."
-Jim Lehfeldt, UFG Group

"We have never had any disasters because they've been there for us all along. We have honestly never had an impact in our operations because we're able to isolate the problem within five to ten minutes. The minute something goes wrong I have my finger on my button, I press it and they're on the phone with me... it's exactly like having a network security team on staff. I'm a big fan!"
- Tania Spyrides, Smith Office and Computer Supplies
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