"We have never had any disasters because they've been there for us all along. We have honestly never had an impact in our operations because we're able to isolate the problem within five to ten minutes. The minute something goes wrong I have my finger on my button, I press it and they're on the phone with me... it's exactly like having a network security team on staff. I'm a big fan!"
-Tania Spyrides
Smith Office and Computer Supplies

If you're dissatisfied with your current computer support provider, or if you're tired of geek speak when it comes to making important decisions and all you want is for your computer systems to work, we understand your pain.

At Online Technology Management, you have access to friendly, experienced IT professionals who've built their sterling reputations by helping businesses like yours - making your network WORK, so that you can concentrate on the important matter of running your business.

As your IT support partners, we listen to you. We understand your need to operate with efficiencies that increase revenue without sacrificing customer service. And we treat your issues and concerns with the urgency you want and need.

If you need help immediately, call us at (954) 441-6211, and we'll treat your issue as if our hair is on fire and we won't rest until your situation is resolved to your complete satisfaction.

Or perhaps you have a few niggling concerns about your network and the security of your data. We'd like to give you a FREE comprehensive network health check performed by our expert engineers (a $495 value). It's easy to schedule; just call us, or fill out the form to your right or fax us your request and we'll start you on the path to complete peace of mind.

Also, if you're currently "shopping around" for an IT support company, we urge you to read our report on 21 Questions You Should Ask Any Computer Consultant Before Giving Them Access To Your Company's Network. AND, we'll send it to you free; just call, email or fax out the form and let us know where to send it.

Most importantly, if network security isn't a forethought for you, it should be. Crooks are developing ever more sophisticated assaults against your business. Cyber-criminals are stealing hundreds of billions of dollars each year, and small businesses are particularly vulnerable because they are considered “low hanging fruit”. Each of our engineers are network security specialists, and protecting your network from downtime and data loss is our dedicated endeavor.

Thank you for your attention. we look forward to adding you to our growing list of delighted customers.

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